Why the USCLC Needs Your Support

The objective of the USCLC is to bring transformative and unprecedented changes to the science and clinical practice of cutaneous lymphoma, leading to better and longer lives for our patients. Our strategic goals span from the discovery of specific tumor markers for early diagnosis, to the exploration of predisposing and causative factors within populations, to the development of more accurate techniques to measure the burden of disease in the skin, blood, and lymph nodes, to the study of new and more effective therapies. Our ultimate and most important aim is finding the roadmap to cure.

The leadership of the USCLC, with the help of its members and the support of many generous sponsors, has been very successful in addressing the critical need for seed money to support one of its key first initiatives: a national cutaneous lymphoma registry. The USCLC is actively seeking peer-reviewed funding from the NIH/NCI and other non-profit organization in the form of research grants. However, the planning, early development and eventual completion of the registry and the other USCLC research projects [such as establishing a clinical trials network, developing a virtual tissue repository, and creating an infrastructure for clinical data and image sharing] requires sustained financial support. The current economic environment and budgetary restrictions of the NIH/NCI are sure to guarantee that federal funding for these important projects will not be available anytime soon.

That's why the USCLC needs your support. A donation from you will help us to continue to work together and to support the USCLC scientists, bio-informatics specialists, and clinicians who are working on the multitude of USCLC initiatives. Your support will facilitate and accelerate the achievement of these goals. And, in the end, will make a difference in the lives of the patients, families, and caregivers who rely on the USCLC to bring an end to cutaneous lymphoma.