USCLC Registry: General Information

There is a tremendous need to improve the treatment and outcome of patients with cutaneous lymphoma and a collaborative, cooperative, multidisciplinary effort is necessary to do so. This goal necessarily starts with a means of collecting information on patients with all types of cutaneous lymphoma using a standardized lexicon and methodology. The diagnosis, evaluation, staging and response criteria for all types of cutaneous lymphoma have recently been either amended or developed by the United States Consortium for Cutaneous Lymphomas (USCLC) and its international cutaneous lymphoma partners and published or submitted for publication. The USCLC is a dedicated group of physicians of various specialties (dermatologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists and pathologists) who collectively evaluate and treat the majority of cutaneous lymphoma patients in the United States and who have established the creation of a national registry for cutaneous lymphoma as the primary goal for USCLC. The USCLC Registry is a unique initiative at the grass roots level of patient care that will advance the prognosis, survival and quality of life of patients with all types of cutaneous lymphoma.