The USCLC’s Workshop is our major annual event. Information about past workshops is posted below.

Past Workshops

2024 USCLC Annual Workshop: Diagnostic & Clinical Challenges in Cutaneous Lymphoma.
March 7, 2024
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2023 USCLC Annual Workshop: Precision Medicine for Cutaneous T-cell Lymphomas: Time to change the therapeutic approach?
March 16, 2023

2022 USCLC Annual Workshop: New and Emerging Treatments for Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma: From Bench to Bedside
March 24, 2022

2021 USCLC Annual Virtual Workshop: Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma
June 26, 2021

2020 USCLC Virtual Workshop: Immune Therapies in Cutaneous Lymphoma
March 19, 2020

2019 USCLC Annual Workshop: Update on non-MF Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphomas
Washington, DC, February 28, 2019
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2018 USCLC Annual Workshop: Assessing and Improving Quality of Life for Patients with Cutaneous Lymphoma
San Diego, CA, February, 15 2018
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2017 USCLC Annual Workshop: Frontiers in Precision Medicine and Cancer Registry in Cutaneous Lymphoma
Orlando FL, March 2, 2017
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2016 USCLC Annual Workshop: Management of Advanced Stage Mycosis Fungoides & Sezary Syndrome
Washington DC, March 3, 2016
General Information |  Agenda|  Speakers Exhibitors

2015 USCLC Annual Workshop: Early Stage Mycosis Fungoides – Approaches to Management
San Francisco, California, March 19, 2015
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